We invest in knowledge based, capital light and high growth sectors. These include Services and Business Support, ICT and Agriculture. These sectors have the potential to generate significant impact on creating jobs and improving livelihoods.


Services and Business Support:

•High growth sector whose value added is disproportionate to capital required
•This consists of sectors such as media, entertainment, fashion, tourism, etc
•Also include cottage industries that support other sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, petroleum, etc


•This has been a high growth area, particularly with the emergence of internet and mobile technology (Kenya’s technology-related export was $360m in 2010, up from $16m in 2002)
•Half of Africa’s population of 1 billion have mobile phones (up from 4 million in 1998 – and they are not just used for talking. They have spawned new industries in sales, advertising, etc). It is a way of life (as cell phones have become vital sources of information on farming and healthcare in inaccessible places, banks and even SMEs in their own right)
•According to a 2009 World Bank study, for every 10% increase in mobile phone penetration in a developing country, GDP rises by 0.8%


•The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates that 70% of additional food required to feed the world by 2050 will have to come from Africa
•Smart, cost effective investments such as $110 gas pump have improved yields and livelihoods significantly
•Where we can add value: 3.5% of African crop land is irrigated (vs 39% in South Asia); Africa’s crop yield is 1/3rd the world’s average

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