dFoundation shares the view the human capital development is Africa’s most valuable resource. Unfortunately, the few that have been developed – often trained at the expense of taxpayers – have left the continent in pursuit of greener pastures. We seek to encourage members of this community to give back to human capital development back on the continent. We do not see this as charity – it is a responsibility!

dFoundation provides support to African youth to unlock their potential – primarily through health and education.

dFoundation is currently partnering with AspireToBe, a mentoring organisation sponsored by friends of Africa in the diaspora that seeks to provide youths of African descent with career guidance and mentoring relationships to enable them maximize their potential in order to become responsible members of their respective communities

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According to a 2009 World Bank study, for every 10% increase in mobile phone penetration in a developing country, GDP rises by 0.8%. With an average mobile phone penetration of 50% in Africa, dFoundation estimates that these African countries can generate additional 4% points in GDP if mobile phones are extended to citizens who lack access (albeit it with diminishing returns). Join us in the own-a-phone drive to support us in getting phones to the masses to support economic growth and empowerment. Contact us here

dINVEST operates as an investment club by and for its members. It is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).